About Aci-Jel

Our mission

Our mission is to make vaginal health conversations as normal as vaginas, so that we can feel educated, empowered and liberated.

Imagine being empowered with facts about your vaginal health rather than silently stress-googling. We believe that talking about vaginal health should be as normal as talking about any other life update or body part, like a hard day at work or a headache.

Vaginal gel should be as neutral as body moisturiser or toothpaste. No shame!

Now, let us
introduce ourselves...

We are a leading and innovative Healthcare company. Endorsed by health professionals, loved and trusted by consumers.

About Aci-Jel
About Aci-Jel

What is vaginal health?

Life is indeed all about balance, and within our bodies, one of the most delicate balances resides in our vaginal ecosystem — the pH. Changes in pH can disrupt the natural equilibrium, leading to discomfort and irritation. We all know that uncomfortable feeling, but don’t you worry, Aci-Jel is here to help you restore and maintain your vaginal pH.

Why do the pH levels matter to your vagina?

Did you know your vagina’s pH levels are like a protective shield? It’s there to help balance the levels (typically between 3.8 to 4.5) and helps to prevent infections and discomfort. Various factors like menstruation, pregnancy, menopause, and even intercourse can disrupt this balance, leading to itching, burning, and an increased risk of infections.

About Aci-Jel
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